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The Masi's


With SureSmile orthodontic treatment, getting braces isn’t what it used to be. You’ll get outstanding results in less time with innovative SureSmile technology.

  • Spend less time in braces
  • Need fewer office visits
  • Experience reduced pain
  • Receive high quality results
  • Based on a January 2009 comparison of 12,238 patients treated with SureSmile to 3,452 patients treated conventionally, SureSmile on average takes 34% less time than traditional braces.


The team of Hughes & Cozad Orthodontics provides state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment. Instead of bending an archwire by hand, the orthodontist can use advanced 3-D imaging, virtual simulations and robotically bent archwires customized for your treatment. When the SureSmile wire is inserted into your brackets, each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position. Your teeth don't move faster with SureSmile - they move with precision that was never before possible.

SureSmile Patient Testimonial