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Orthodontic Repairs

Occasionally, your orthodontic appliances (braces, expander, etc.) may break or begin to "poke" your gum tissue. 99% of all appliance breakage can be prevented simply by being careful of what you eat. YOU SHOULD AVOID EATING HARD OR STICKY FOODS WHILE YOU HAVE APPLIANCES OR BRACES.

NOTE: If you are ever in severe discomfort due to appliance breakage, you need to call us as early as possible so we can help you. Please understand that we will not always be able to schedule an after school appointment for a repair visit.

Separator is out: If a separator (spacer) falls out a day or two before you are scheduled to receive your bands (silver ring around a molar), you do not need to have it replaced. If it falls out before then, call our office during regular business hours to schedule a quick appointment a few days before you receive your bands to replace the missing separator.
If you have an appliance attached to bands that comes loose, do not remove the appliance and stop turning the expansion screw (if applicable). Contact our office during regular business hours to schedule a repair appointment (see loose band procedure).

If an appliance which is attached to bands comes out completely and it won't stay in, call our office number (after business hours or weekends from 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.) to schedule a repair visit within one to two days. If the appliance is left out for several days, you will lose the correction you have worked so hard to get! This is one of the few repairs we will fix over the weekend. If you are able to "push" the appliance back onto your molars and it will stay, we can schedule a repair visit for you during normal business hours (no need to call us if you are able to keep the appliance in the roof of your mouth).

Broken or Loose Lower Lingual Arch or Space Maintainer: This needs to be fixed fairly soon (within a few days) after it occurs. Call our office or for a repair appointment. If the breakage occurs late at night or over the weekend, please wait to call our office during regular business hours.

Loose bracket: This is generally not a problem unless you are going to get your braces off soon. The bracket will generally stay attached to the wire. It may slide around a little, but that is okay. There is no need to call us after regular business hours or on the weekend for a loose bracket. If the bracket is causing discomfort, apply wax or sugarless gum to the bracket and call us during regular business hours to schedule a repair. Always notify us when a bracket is loose or comes off so we can note it in your chart.